KIP C7800 Video Brochure – Speed & Cost of Operation

KIP released this C7800 Video Brochure highlighting features such as dry toner printing and the ability to print mixed sized documents at full speed.

Black & White Technical Printing

Also shown is the LED printer’s speed of printing for black and white technical documents which is 4,200 square feet an hour.

The cost of operation for black and white prints is low. A 6 square foot print with 26.8% page coverage costs $.16 per page or $.026 per square foot. Where as page with 9.76% page coverage costs $.061 per page or $.01 per square foot.

Color Technical Printing

The C7800 prints color technical documents at 3,500 square feet an hour. Printing in color can save a substantial amount of time due to ease of identifying elements within a full color document.

Cost of color technical documents has decreased significantly in recent years and the C7800 is no different. A 6 square foot color print with 45.2% coverage will cost $.31 per sheet or $.05 per square foot. A 3 square foot document with 21% coverage will cost $.08 per sheet or $.027 per square foot.

Full Color: Business Graphics, Point of Purchase, Display Graphics

Printing graphics such as posters on the C7800 is still done at a high rate: 3,500 square feet an hour. The prints are light-fast and waterproof. So if a cup of water is spilled on a freshly printed poster the ink will not run.

What about the cost of a full color poster? At 135% coverage of a 12 square foot graphic document the cost is $1.76 per sheet and $.15 per square foot. A 6 square foot color print with 85% coverage costs $.57 a sheet and $.095 per square foot.

Total Cost of Operation Competitive Analysis

The following competitive analysis provides a detailed comparison of Cost of Operation and Print Production capability with the top selling inkjet print systems as compared to the only LED toner based print system in the wide format industry.

To maintain a competitive platform the production levels have been kept well within the specified capabilities of these devices. Comparisons are based on competitive products at lowest advertised prices and standard productivity levels.

File Selection: (20) basic Technical documents with low image coverage reducing image complexity
File Types: (20) PDF Files – (10) B&W / (10) Color
File Size: (20) 6 Square Feet Images – 120 Sq. Ft. per set
Toner/Ink: KIP Toner is based on MSRP / Competitive products based on lowest web-based cost at time of comparison. (Cost of Print Heads are not included – ink only)
Maintenance: KIP Maintenance rates are based on highest published prices based on volume bands / Competitive products are based on lowest published rates at time of comparison.
Labor: Labor must be accounted for in any operation. The analysis is based on $10.00 per hour allowing time to maintain the unit; replacing toner/ink and paper.
General: All information is based on the average cost and print time of the (20) files.

Total Cost of Operation

In this comparison the C7800 was up against the following printers: HP T7100, Océ ColorWave 600 and HP T2300. Each printer had 20 originals with 167 sets equaling 20,000 square feet.

The combined cost of equipment, toner and labor were as follows:

  1. C7800 – $2,037
  2. T7100 – $2,700
  3. CW600 – $2,793
  4. T2300 – $2,958

The C7800 savings based on the lowest priced competitor is $663.